Understanding Square Pegs

Square peg; round hole – individualism in the workplace


Interesting article on Alan Turing’s school reports at Wartime codebreaker Alan Turing’s school report goes on show at museum
Here’s an extract: ‘…But his teacher gently scolded his presentation style, reminding him to provide a “neat and tidy solution on paper”.

His physics teacher noted that he had done “some good work, but generally sets it down badly”.

The teacher added: “He must remember that Cambridge will want sound knowledge rather than vague ideas.”

Too many people judge the paperwork rather than the results!


Microsoft understand the benefits of non typical thinkers, such as those on the Autism spectrum:  Microsoft Wants Autistic Coders. Can It Find Them And Keep Them?


A copy of the article ‘Great Minds don’t Think Alike‘   written by Sandra Green and published in the Autumn 2017 edition of Edge, the journal of The Institute of Leadership & Management


Square Peg Round Hole

An article from From Ann Mehl, annmehl.com , retrieved 7th December 2017.

Square Peg Round Hole – Women’s Adventure Magazine

Comment from me: People need to find the hole that fits them to realise their true potential